Workshop on Allergic Rhinitis sensitised by House Dust Mite Diagnosis and treatment by SPT AND IMMUNOTHERAPY (Evidence based Medicine with GCP)

Who should attend?

ENT Surgeons

What is in focus?

  • Hands on experience on Skin Prick Test (SPT)
  • Clinical relevance on Allergy blood test (Sp. IgE)
  • How to write Immunotherapy prescription
  • Preparation and standardisation of Allergens
  • Dosage and formulation for Immunotherapy - SCIT & SLIT
  • Procedure for SCIT & SLIT - House Dust Mite (HDM) allergen
  • What is the benefit of this workshop?

    By attending this workshop, you will gain more confidence in performing SPT and practice Allergy to initiate with HDM allergen for AR.


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