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Allergy disorders at present treated by different speciality in Medicine for total relief to patients by various combination of pharmacotherapy drugs. Most of the patients who had good relief including alternative Medicine experience the recurrence of symptoms soon after stopping these therapies. This is the history of every patient who suffer from allergy disorders. Majority of the patients and patient’s family members including friends and relatives, family Physicians conclude that there is no remedy for allergy and one should live with it.

Long term management of allergy disorders need disease modifying approach which can enhance the tolerance and will lead to better Health Related Quality of Life. The disease modifying effect is generated on long term by Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (ASI), which is well understood by its mechanism and meta-analysis data published globally under Evidence Based Medicine (EBM).

The Health Related Quality of Life with present life style and competitive world command optimum work output without loss of working hours or the study hour’s. The Subcutaneous allergen Immunotherapy (SCIT) has shown effective results beyond doubt, but its limitations due to side effects and patient’s inconvenience and the need of a doctor to administer frequent doses over years. SCIT became unpopular among patients and doctors and SCIT inducing anaphylaxis makes the patient threat to discontinue and pursue alternatives.

Routes like Sub Lingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) in recent times showed equally effective as SCIT results adopting purified and standardised allergens with optimum high effective dose. SLIT transforms the disease in few weeks without build-up phase as adopted in SCIT. Bangalore Allergy Centre research team introduced SLIT in the form of drops in the year 2003 and subsequently SLIT STRIPE (bio sublingual film) in the year 2009 and later SLIT Tablets in the year 2013. Clinical efficacy and adherence to treatment is higher compare to SCIT. SLIT has a big role at Hospitals and Medical centres where the allergy practice is well established over a period adopting Good Medical Practice (GMP). This is to generate more clinical benefits with EBM and honour the allergy disease with great respect and humble treatment. The present scenario, SLIT responds to allergy and reduce the intensity of allergy symptoms, which vanes off over a period of time. And patient shows good commendable respect to SLIT treatment.

DR NP PHARMACY having licenced facility to dispense diagnostic and therapeutic House Dust Mite allergens with three different well known common mites in India, such as Dermatophagoidesfarinae, Dermatophagoidespteronyssinus and Blomiatropicalis. The effective dose required for HDM by SLIT is 100 fold dose compare SCIT monthly maintenance dose. The extracts is processed from mites which were cultured with special environment and special feed having non allergic vegetarian media to generate good immunological growth. The pure body mites isolated from the culture media without using any chemicals which is used for allergenic extract. To isolate pure HDM body from culture media byharvesting. The allergen extract with whole culture (Body and culture media) is not comparable to pure body mite extract. The cost is economical.

To initiate SLIT, DR NP PHARMACY focus on Medical specialist like you, with rich experience in the field of allergy and SCIT. To know the SLIT efficacy, your direct experience with SLIT treatment with your patients’ clinical response make your own decision to conclude. DR NP PHARMACY assure SLIT has a place for your patients and if you evince interest to go forward please contact us for the details.

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