Allergy testing is essential to the basic management of patient care, allowing physicians to detect disease earlier, make diagnoses, prescribe therapies and monitor results. To reliably perform these analyses on body fluids and tissue, the clinical laboratorian must understand the basic principles and procedures that affect the analytical process and operation of the clinical laboratory. Many determinations made in the clinical laboratory are based on measurements of radiant energy emitted, transmitted, absorbed, scattered or reflected under controlled conditions. In the interest of providing a good healthcare service. Bengaluru Allergy Centr is equipped with most advanced state-of-the-art- technology.

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Best of the allergy diagnostics and treatment, instruments, technologies, reagents, procedures and IT systems, when available to well trained and highly focused pathologists, biochemists, scientists and technologists, gives "Best of the Quality".

The endeavor of BAC has always been that to provide utmost quality in every stage of service – right from collection of sample to processing to delivery of reports. Our systems, processes, man-power and IT ensure the highest level of perfection and timely efficacy in each delivery.

BAC has highly experienced staff having minimum qualification of M.Sc Biotechnology. The research staff members and team include:

    (1). Pratima Bai T, M.Sc Biotechnology

    (2). Anusha M V, M.Sc Biotechnology

    (3). Rashmi T K, M.Sc Biotechnology