Frequently asked questions

For allergy testing and lab investigation, patients need to allocate sufficient time for procedures.
Allergies are treated initially by pharmacotherapy medicines to relieve the symptoms. Once you stop these medicines the symptoms reoccur. To overcome the recurrence of symptoms, we do allergy test and prescribe the SLIT to develop tolerance and stop reoccurrence of symptoms, on stopping medicines once SLIT become active after few weeks to months.
SLIT is a personalized medicine. SLIT is prepared from causative allergens which are biological products. To generate precise standardisation of these biological are highly technical and process consumes expensive consumables. Therefore they are expensive.
The treatment should be from three to five years depending on the individual. If the response is not generated within a season or one year, SLIT will be stopped.
SLIT is meant to develop tolerance and to develop a sustained effect for long time on stopping the SLIT ,which takes 3- 5 years.
Drug allergy can be treated by most of the Family Physicians or consultants at most of the hospitals and there is no need to refer to a specialist or allergist.
Lactose intolerance is an enzyme deficiency disorder and we don’t have the services for testing.
SPT is done only after clinical history, examination, Specific IgE test and followed by SPT (Skin Prick Test)
We have 210 allergens for Specific IgE and only from the shortlisted positives which are approximately 10-15 allergens are selected for SPT
If prescription of SPT given by other doctor, it is necessary to the see doctor at BAC for SPT. SPT is not a laboratory procedure and its indication will be known after clinical examination at BAC.
These conditions are not related to allergy hence they are not treated at BAC.
Sunday is weekly holiday. We are open from Monday to Saturday.
Pimples are not due to allergy, hence it is not treated at BAC.
Allergy is due to intolerance and the symptoms will come down when you enhance the tolerance level by SLIT.
Dandruff is not an allergy
Yes. Doctors at BAC have expertise in the field of allergy since 1980.
Allergy cannot be spread by physical contact.
Wheat allergy once it is diagnosed and confirmed, avoidance is the best approach.
Emergency treatments are given at emergency block in the majority of hospital and nursing homes. They need not reach BAC since emergency can`t withstand time to reach BAC.
No, Bengaluru Allergy Centr ( BAC) is Only at Jayanagar 4th Block, Bengaluru till date.
No. SLIT is not having any medicine to gain weight.
In the Initial dose of SLIT, it may induce local side effects like,itching in the buccal area, swelling etc.,which subsides by itself within few days.
No, SLIT is prescribed and dispensed according to BAC test reports.
Tattoos using metal needles and colouring agent can cause local allergy.
Yes.To know,detect and diagnose the sensitized causing allergy by blood test – Sp.IgE test (In vitro) and SPT (in vivo) are necessary.
Blood test by sp. IgE to know the sensitised allergen and is incomplete without SPT. The results generated by blood test, we can know the sensitivity group like pollens, insects, mites or molds and to confirm the sensitised allergen, SPT is conclusive. Blood tests are inconclusive for specific Allergen Immunotherapy (SLIT). Avoidance is difficult to bring down to normal, we can achieve to bring down the severity of symptoms. Food allergens can be avoided to generate good response.
BAC lab report are genuine and with high specificity and sensitivity and reliable. Based on these results and the clinical examination, the final diagnosis and treatment is initiated.
Cure happens when there is disease. Here the sensitive individual will react on contact with sensitive allergens and get allergy symptoms. SLIT reduce the intensity of the reactions and enhance tolerance and reduce allergy symptoms and extends the quality of life.
SLIT takes couple of weeks / months to recover and provides sustained effect over of period of time. BAC suggest to use medicines in the beginning as preventors to control the symptoms and preventers are stopped once SLIT initiate its action.
Allergy inducing sneeze,running nose, nose block (Allergic Rhinitis), Cough, wheezing inducing breathlessness ( Allergic Bronchial Asthma) and in Skin Hives, rashes and itching ( Urticaria), Skin with patchy eczema on joints, cheeks on forhead, nape, legs (Atopic Dermatitis), Sneezing, cough with wheeze (Allergic Naso Bronchitis) induced by airborne allergens.
Kids above 2 years having persistent allergy not responding to conventional drugs or demand for more drugs, require SPT.
Chemical or Cosmetic allergy induced by delayed allergy (contact Dermatitis) require PATCH test. At present we don’t have services.
Doctor advice can be given only after examination. Remote practice is forbidden for allergy. People coming from a different places and can`t stay for long time, they can send blood serum of 3ml for Sp.IgE test, which takes about 72 hours to generate results and one can reduce the stay for one visit to get a final prescription and advice provided they stop all allergy drugs three days before visiting for test.For more information and appointment contact the front desk staff at BAC.
Most of the time allergy runs in family and are hereditary. Even without family history of allergy, allergy can manifest.
Yes it is mandatory which can reduce your waiting time.
Short duration of allergies can be treated by most of the doctors symptomatically, which does not need specific tests and treatment.
Procedures for Specific IgE for 210 allergens will take about 72 hours. Therefore the reports are delayed.
Allergens photos are displayed under the columns …… in our website. Images in the google search is commonly displayed.
Test briefing is under ….. our website
The positivity shown in the blood test indicates that you are allergic to that particular food, which may be consumed or not. Standard common foods used are tested and they are raw and uncooked. After cooking it alters the nature of allergenicity. If the food is reacting by life threats, one should avoid or reach Doctor where emergency treatment is available to control the severe life threatening reactions.
Screening test is done to know whether you are allergic or not, detailed specific IgE test will be done to diagnose specific allergen causes.
Patch test is commonly done for contact dermatitis, which are performed by Dermatologist.
Most of the call are attended during working hours (10 am – 6pm). We will introduce voice message replies soon
Yes we do . in vitro (Specific IgE test) and in vivo( Skin Prick test).
Details are available at our Website
At present we have one. we will be expanding our BAC providing more doctors shortly
Only we diagnose and treatment is by avoidance.
Our labs are well equipped. These tests are conducted for specific IgE in our centre, using our ‘ In House Standard’.
RAST is not conducted in BAC
No . Lady Doctors at present is not working.
Doctor is an Allergy Physician.
Doctor knows, Kannada, English, Hindi and Telugu.
Drug allergy is tested by most of the physician at the time of treatment. Drug allergy cannot be generated as a standard test report, since sensitivity to the drug keeps on changing from time to time. The test is done before the initiation of the treatment. Standard drug allergy test report has no significance.
Food allergy is not a fixed reaction which keeps on changing from time to time. Food allergy is detected by direct challenge test or by DBPCT at selected hospitals on admission.
If milk is the reason to induce crying in babies, it’s due to cramps / spasm in the stomach. Change the source of milk. If persist avoid milk replacing to sugar water, glucose water, fruit juices etc., for few days and see the response. Again reintroduce the milk and watch for symptoms and confirm three times at an interval of few days.
These are probably related to Atopic Dermatitis and we have to identify the allergen and treat accordingly.
SLIT is treated for 3-5 years depend upon individual response. To generate sustained effect of long duration on stoping the therapy, it has to be treated for 3-5 years .
Most of the chemicals / excipients used in SLIT are of pharmacopeial grade , inert and non-reactive.
Hair fall may be one of the reasons due to allergy, once the allergy is controlled hair fall can be reduced if it is the cause of allergy.
Lime and honey may supplement allergy recovery with regular treatment.
Milk and turmeric with pepper will supplement allergy treatment and reduce allergy symptoms.
Pre & Pro biotics having selective species and genera do enhance tolerance by Immuno modulation in normalizing intestine flora.
It depends on the person’s salivary secretion. (Drink water before taking SLIT,)
No. Discard the SLIT after the expiry.
Stop SLIT during fever and mouth ulcers. Restart after recovery from the fever and mouth ulcers.
Occasionally. It heals by itself after few days.
Any anti allergy drugs which you consume for your allergy symptoms, will stay in the blood for more than 36 to 48 hours. In presence of these drugs, the SPT will not respond for reaction and drugs present in the blood will suppress. We permit to use Montilucast 10mg per day, which can be stopped after the tests are over.Allergy needs to be diagnosed properly. SPT is recognized as a gold standard. Correct diagnosis leads to successful treatment in combating allergies .