BAC has made right use of the advanced superior technology, capable of working on its unbelievable volumes and yet deliver quality and precision to its customers. BAC lab tests give reliable results that support allergy care physicians as well as specialists in providing optimal patient management. BAC lab tests are run on fully automated immuno assay laboratory Systems, designed to deliver accurate and reproducible test results, increase operational efficiency and shorten the lead times – whether being a small local clinic or a large commercial laboratory.

Immuno Assay Method is an immunological technique which is used to detect the presence of an antibody or an antigen in a sample. A known amount of antigen is coated on a solid phase like that in the well of a polystyrene microtitre plate and sample containing specific antibodies is added in the wells to allow antigen-antibody binding. The immune complex thus formed is linked to an enzyme, which acts on a substrate to give a coloured reaction which is detected using ultramodern ELISA plate readers. Since ELISA technique utilizes enzyme labels to produce detectable signals, it is given the name Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay.
ULTRAFILTRATION: A pressure-driven membrane technology that separates particulate matter from solutions, helping to provide clean water at a lower cost.Ultrafiltration (UF) technology uses a membrane barrier to exclude particles as small as 0.01 microns, including bacteria, viruses and colloids. Advantages of UF compared to conventional treatment such as clarifiers and media filters, are its high tolerance to feed water quality upsets, absolute barrier and improved water quality.
Protein electrophoresis may be ordered as a follow up to abnormal findings on other laboratory tests or as an initial test in evaluating a allergy testing. Once a disease or condition has been diagnosed, electrophoresis may be ordered at regular intervals to monitor the course of the disease and the effectiveness of treatment.

BAC has automated and semi-automated analytical instruments to focus on quality and speed, testing and research applications to predict diseases. Here the list of instruments

  • Laminar air flow
  • Stripe drying machine
  • Cooling chamber
  • Lyophilizer
  • Peristaltic Pump
  • Double Distilled Water Plant
  • Cooling Centrifuge
  • Tablet Machine
  • Kalweka Horizontal Main Drive
  • V- Blender
  • Planetary Mixer
  • Cream filling
  • Wet Granulator
  • Dry Granulator
  • Hot air oven
  • Weighing Balance- sartorius
  • UV spectrophotometer
  • Conductivity meter

IT helps in seamless integration of all the processes, work orders are downloaded from the web server, specimens are arranged accordingly for processing, and the reports ae directly uploaded back int he website for our customer to see and download.

Strong logistics network of BAC whose well coordinated efforts ensure that the samples reach the BAC. These samples are meticulously collected, checked for sample integrity, temperature and other aspects of Pre-analytical Quality Control and then stored appropriately.