" Towards on Allergy Tolerant World "

Allergy disorders at present treated by different speciality in Medicine for total relief to patients by various combination of pharmacotherapy drugs. Most of the patients who had good relief including alternative Medicine experience the recurrence of symptoms soon after stopping these therapies. This is the history of every patient who suffer from allergy disorders. Majority of the patients and patient’s family members including friends and relatives, family Physicians conclude that there is no remedy for allergy and one should live with it.

Long term management of allergy disorders need disease modifying approach which can enhance the tolerance and will lead to better Health Related Quality of Life. The disease modifying effect is generated on long term by Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (ASI), which is well understood by its mechanism and meta-analysis data published globally under Evidence Based Medicine (EBM).

We have been consistent in our mission to provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost at the doorsteps of people we serve, ever since we started the journey of "Towards on Allergy Tolerant World" 3 decades back. This rhymes well with the universal healthcare philosophy of Quality, Affordability and Accessibility.

In the area of quality we can showcase umpteen awards and certificates proving our credentials, Our teams drive the quality program as the cornerstone with a strong belief that there is no finishing line in the race for excellence.

Access to healthcare services is a very important focus area for us – we provide services closer to our customers through the clinics and pharmacies. We are in the process of rolling out programs, leveraging Information Technology to make accessibility much wider and deeper, carrying delivery of healthcare to the homes of people.