Bengaluru Allergy Centr is one of the very first allergy oriented company specifically targeted on treatment, research and product development. BAC is engaged with on-going research in the field of allergy and asthma, and have published several research papers and filed several patents. The team of Research advisors and consultants is encouraged students and researchers to continue there academic research related allergy specific diseases. The research team is presented there research papers in several International and national conferences. Its main objective is to give a better management and patient education in the field of Allergy and dedicated to serve the suffering folk and alleviate the pain from Allergies, which needs specialized technical skill and timely application.

Dr.Nagrandra Prasad have done several research projects and identified various products such as Nasal Filter, Filter Mask,Peak Flow Indicator, Nose Filter, Personal Air Pollution Filter. He has collaborated with various research groups and designed several products such as Sublingual swallow Immunotherapy (SLIT) and SLIT - HDM tablets - joint invention Dr.Paranjothi, Consultant Drug delivery systems & Dr.Nagendra prasad.K.V, Allergist 2001 and 2015.

Dr. Nagendra Prasad and the science development team continue to work tirelessly to bring the latest ideas in allergy treatments medicine to clinicians and collaborate closely with many of the most eminent functional medicine physicians around the world in formulating and developing new allergy suppliments.

Research group

BAC has highly experienced researchers and senior scientists of visiting consultants is supporting BAC team and other research students helps to innovate the identification of allergens, mechanism and product development.

Product development

Dr.Paranjothy and his research team is supporting to develop various allergy specific products that helps patients to treat allergic diseases. Dr.Paranjothy has published several research articles from both national and international journals and has got several patents on various research products.

Research Publications

1). Clinical importance of Parthenium hysterophorus in allergy manifestations XVII annual convention of ICAI, Jaipur 1983 & published in Aspects of Allergy and Applied Immunology 1984

2). Patients assessment of inhalant allergens by using `personal sampler’ Indian Journal of Aero biology vol 10 1997

3). Studies on Aero-Allergen trapped by Boem’s personal sampler and their application in sensitivity test on allergy patients Indian Journal of Allergy & Applied Immunology 1998

4). “Prevention of Allergy” Advances in Allergy & Asthma by Dr.Rajendra prasad, Sivam publications, Lucknow 2000

5). Isolation and Characterisation of 2013 Kasera R., Singh A.B., Lavasa S, Prasad K.N., Arora Naveen (2013). Effect of thermal processing and γ-irradiation on allergenicity of legume proteins. Food Chem. Toxicol. 50 3456–3461.2013

6). Kasera R., Singh A.B., Lavasa S, Prasad K.N., Arora Naveen (2013). Purification and immunochemical characterization of a 31 kDa cross-reactive allergen from Phaseolus vulgaris (kidney bean). PLOS ONE 8: e63063.,2013

7). Kasera R., Singh A.B., Lavasa S, Prasad K.N., Arora Naveen (2014). Enzymatic hydrolysis: A method in alleviating legume allergenicity. Food Chem. Toxicol. (In-press).2014

Review Article published;

Sublingual Swallow Immunotherapy Indian Journal of Allergy,Asthma and Immunology, July-Dec. 2013

Clinical Research & Publications

1).Multicentre clinical trials on a novel polyherbal formulation in Allergic Rhinitis International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology XXIV (2/3) 79-94 ;2004

2). Evaluation of efficacy and safety of Ciclesonide metered dose inhaler for the treatment of bronchial asthma – An open label, noncomparative, multicentral trial ; 2005

3).A randomised, double blind, double dummy, multicenter, parallel-group, safety and efficacy study comparing salmeterol-HFA with salmeterol-CFC both delivered by pMDI in patients with chronic asthma ; 2006

4). Phase two trial – Efficacy and safety of compound 1334H in subjects with symptoms of perennial Allergic Rhinitis, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled, Comparative, Multi-Centre, Parallel Group Study;2007

5). Efficacy and safety study to compare the two intranasal Triamsolone formulation in present allergic rhinitis ; 2007

6). Active controlled trail of the safety and tolerability of MP29-02, subjects with chronic Allergic or Non Allergic Rhinitis; 2008-2009

7). Efficacy and safety study of the antihistamine V0114 CP 2.5mg in the treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis. Randomised, double blind, three-arm parallel group study including placebo and active control arm (Levocetrizine 5mg); 2008-2009

8).Efficacy and safety evaluation of a dry powder inhaler containing Salmeterol 25 mcg/ Fluticasone Propionate 250 mcg in subjects with asthma: A randomized, open label, comparative, active controlled, parallel groups, and multi-centric study; 2008 - 2009

9).Real life Effectiveness of Symbicort® Maintenance and Reliever Therapy® (SMART) in Asthma Patients across Asia: SMARTASIA

10).Real Life Effectiveness of Symbicort ® Maintainace and Reliever Therapy (SMART) in Asthma Patients across Asia: SMARTASIA 2009

Conference Proceedings

1). Significance of case history and skin tests in the management of Allergy; XV ICAI convention, IVRI, Izathnagar(UP), India 1981

2). Significance of case history and skin testing in the management of Bronchial asthma (Extrinsic) 57th IMA conference, Nagercoil 1981

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11). Personal Aeroallergen survey for better management of airway sensitivity Poster presentation 10th International Congress of Immunology, New Delhi 1998

12). Peak Expiratory Air Flow Indicator; poster presentation NAPCON (annual chest conference jointly held by national College of Chest Physicians and Chest Society of India) 1999

13). Participated in group discussion for preventive management of Asthma at Asia Asthma Forum, Bangkok, Thailand June 2001

14). Allergy Preventive Measures, gust lecture at 36th ICAAAI convention, Chennai 2002

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28). House Dust Mite and formulation of its extract into Sublingual Tablets for SLIT EAACI-ISMA, Paranjothy, Nagendra Komarla,Vienna, Denmark Dec2013 Abstract 2484129

29). Management of Allergic Rhinitis with custom made SLIT tablets,EAACI ,Copenhagen June 2014 - Abstract 1212

30). Formulation and Evaluation of Custom made Sublingual Films of House Dustg Mite Extract, EAACI,Copenhagen,Denmark June 2014 - Abstract 1580